Dishonest Businesses:

Recently, we were approached by Luis Suoto, director of the boat/yacht parts website  We are a small internet marketing company who has successfully helped many clients rank highly in Google for their targeted keywords.

For us LaNautica was a larger client, but we had the ability to provide the services they needed.  The beginning to our business relationship actually went quite well.  Luis was happy with the results that were provided, and he also paid us on time.

However, a few months into our business relationship, Luis began being late with payment.  We’ve been through this with clients before, so we didn’t stop his services right away.  He did end up paying us late for some of the services.  However, at some point in time, he stopped paying us several months in a row for work performed.  Throughout the process, he was claiming to be going through difficult financial times with his business.

We believe he was telling us the truth, but instead of working out a fair deal, such as reducing the scope of our services or working at an affordable repayment plan, he simply told us what worked better for him and continued using our services.  We called/e-mail him and his team regularly for payment.  However, payment never came.  Finally, we decided to terminate his services until he was able to catch up on all outstanding invoices.

Unfortunately, we probably let him use our services longer than we should have, as he owed us 17,650 Euros.  He agreed to a repayment plan of 2,000 Euros per month beginning in November 2012.  When the agreed-upon date arrived in November, he again failed to make any payment.  We also learned he took down his Google+ and Skype accounts, as well as all of his other social media accounts around the same time.

We are a small company that does not have the funds necessary to pursue this case in court, so we are simply relaying the facts of the situation to other businesses and customers who might choose to work with Luis Suoto of  Unfortunately, this individual is a dishonest person who does not follow through on his commitments and obligations.

If you are interested in purchasing yacht and boat parts, we strongly recommend avoiding Luis Suoto of  He probably does serve some of his customers well, however, based on our experiences, we have some questions about how consistently he does so.

Dishonest Businesses:

Because of some unfortunate events, we feel it is necessary to warn other internet marketing companies of dishonest businessmen.  In this case, we are a small internet marketing firm, and our primary service is helping people rank highly on Google for their targeted keywords. We were approached in February of 2012 by Luis Suoto, director … Continue reading

Be Aware of Luis Souto Director of

Luis Souto, of Spanish nationality, director of, a global network of boating supplies with more than 45,000 boats parts, and, Yacht Agency, national network under brand licensing concerning sales of pre-owned boats and motor and sail boats rentals, was a client of the company I work for , as COO. We were doing search engine … Continue reading